YouList – Youtube playlist shortcode – wordpress plugin

Download the plugin here:

Support Open Source developement:

The plugin supports both single and multi site WordPress installs.


How to use this plugin?
When you have installed it, you can for example start by pasting this shortcode into your WordPress post editor:

[youlist pid="PL3FF15AA7ED356D9F"]

like this:


and preview the post. Then you can change the pid value to match your own playlist.

The above pid value is taken from this playlist url:

You can then try out the usage examples given below or here:

There is a small playlist icon in the bottom right corner

Showcases (responsive and with hd playback)

Few usage examples:

Example: Adele YouTube playlist with thumbnails

[youlist pid="PL3FF15AA7ED356D9F"]

Example: Adele YouTube playlist with custom styling

[youlist pid="PL3FF15AA7ED356D9F" style="width:400px;height:300px;z-index:1;border:2px solid gold;background-color:orange;padding:10px;"]

Example: Playlist from the search string “higgs boson”

[youlist search="higgs boson"]

Example: Playlist for uploaded videos by the user “mismag822”

[youlist uid="mismag822" listtype="user_uploads"]

Example: Playlist for favorite videos of the user “mismag822”

[youlist uid="mismag822" listtype="user_favorites"]

Example: Three YouTube videos with thumbnails

[youlist vid="ZF_K8D414-Y,sFHXWoawnt0,E2uOGOqIyC4"]

Example: Three YouTube videos without thumbnails

[youlist vid="ZF_K8D414-Y,sFHXWoawnt0,E2uOGOqIyC4" showinfo="0" ]