Why is my WordPress so slow? How to identify the problems

Image from  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SnailIt’s difficult to give an answer to this kind of question, so I will list general things that have helped me to identify problems of this kind:

Profile everything you can:

The P3 Profiler plugin will profile your plugins:


I also recommend the `Debug bar` (and it’s extensions)


and the `Blackbox` debug bar to profile your *problematic?* queries:


Memory viewer for your hooks:


If you have lot’s of comment’s that are constantly refreshing the cache,
you might also consider using comment services like Facebook / Intense Debate / Disqus / LiveFyre

Use WordPress cache plugins, many good out there.

Test your site with online performance services:

Here is one:


New Relic:


View the log files:

Check all log files you have (php, apache, nginx, mysql, …)

If you have ssh access:

Also consider using `Nginx` instead of `Apache`

You should also check what process is using your resources via ps/top/htop/… (i.e. is it apache or mysql or something else) if you have access to a Linux console

If it’s mysql there is a great script called tuning-primer.sh that can give you hints how to configure it (if you have access to ssh, you can check it with top or htop)

Use APC cache for php

(this article is a work in progress)


  • Actually you helped me with sum the shortcode solution. Do you have a paypal i tegrarhed so that I could at least buy you a drink?


  • Hi @Rpz

    Thanks, good to hear you could use my little code example – you are welcome to buy me a drink – I have a donation button on the left sidebar

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