Fix for WordPress multisite problems in version 4.7

This has been fixed in 4.7.3 After upgrading from WordPress multisite 4.6.3 to 4.7.2, I experienced that users: were not able to preview drafts – Not found 404 status have to log into each subsite separately can’t logout because of 403 status from wp_nonce_ays() (ays = are you sure) admin bar not visible on the […]

Adding A Stats Column For Jetpack

A feature that I feel is missing from JetPack, is an easy way to view stats for each post. The data is available there, so we only have to link to it. Here’s an example for post ID 549: http://example.tld/wp-admin/admin.php?page=stats&view=post&post=549 We can use the chart bar dashicon to display it: There are other icons available, […]

Adding a section to the Omnisearch in Jetpack with a custom posts search

Let’s say we need to add an extra section to the Omnisearch in Jetpack with a custom posts search. Like shown in this screenshot: where I’ve moved the custom section to the top with: for better visibility. Instead of extending the: class, I prefer to extend the: class to simplify things, where we only need […]

How to allow audio files with GET parameters in the audio shortcode?

There’s an interesting question on WordPress Stackexchange regarding the audio shortcode . It looks like it doesn’t support sources with GET parameters. Here are two examples: 1) Without GET parameters the audio player displays: where the shortcode is: 2) With GET parameters it only shows the audio link: where the shortcode is: I […]

WordPress: Playlist shortcode with external audio or video files

The shortcode  in WordPress 3.9 is great, but we can’t use it for external files. Here’s a solution I wrote on WPSE to use it for external files. The plugin is hosted on GitHub. Here’s version 0.05b for those who use PHP 5.1.x or PHP 5.2.x. WordPress 4.0 support: Please update to version 0.0.5+ of […]

WordPress developer links

Here are some useful links: WordPress Codex: Plugin API/Action Reference: Forums: WordPress Planet: Plugin Directory: Make WordPress: WordPress TV: WordPress Answers:

Why is my WordPress so slow? How to identify the problems

It’s difficult to give an answer to this kind of question, so I will list general things that have helped me to identify problems of this kind: Profile everything you can: The P3 Profiler plugin will profile your plugins: I also recommend the `Debug bar` (and it’s extensions) and the `Blackbox` debug bar to […]

YouList – Youtube playlist shortcode – wordpress plugin

Download the plugin here: Support Open Source developement: The plugin supports both single and multi site WordPress installs. Reviews: Review on Check out the review on (these guys are doing some great WordPress podcasts ) How to use this plugin? When you have installed it, you can for example start by […]

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