How to allow audio files with GET parameters in the audio shortcode?

There’s an interesting question on WordPress Stackexchange regarding the audio shortcode . It looks like it doesn’t support sources with GET parameters. Here are two examples: 1) Without GET parameters the audio player displays: where the shortcode is: 2) With GET parameters it only shows the audio link: where the shortcode is: I… Read More »

A simple plugin to run JetPack locally

We don’t need to modify the wp-config.php file as before with: to run JetPack in the development mode. By using the jetpack_development_mode filter described here, we can construct this simple plugin: to make your life easier and it’s available on GitHub. This class method of the JetPack class contains the filter:

WordPress developer links

Here are some useful links: WordPress Codex: Plugin API/Action Reference: Forums: WordPress Planet: Plugin Directory: Make WordPress: WordPress TV: WordPress Answers:

Why is my WordPress so slow? How to identify the problems

It’s difficult to give an answer to this kind of question, so I will list general things that have helped me to identify problems of this kind: Profile everything you can: The P3 Profiler plugin will profile your plugins: I also recommend the `Debug bar` (and it’s extensions) and the `Blackbox` debug bar to… Read More »

Pizza order time – content with weekly opening hours

This forum thread: gave me an idea of a shortcode that can display content during given opening hours in the week and can handle shortcodes inside it. Maybe this will grow into a plugin in the near future The shortcode is [openinghours] … some content only available during opening hours … [/openinghours] and… Read More »

Facebook Debug Links – wordpress plugin

Download the plugin here: This plugin adds a link in the row-action section to view the page/post in the Facebook Debugger: This plugin adds a metabox on the post/page screen: Only published posts/pages will get Facebook Debug links.

YouList – Youtube playlist shortcode – wordpress plugin

Download the plugin here: Support Open Source developement: The plugin supports both single and multi site WordPress installs. Reviews: Review on Check out the review on (these guys are doing some great WordPress podcasts ) How to use this plugin? When you have installed it, you can for example start by… Read More »